• ■2015/7/21

    2015. July-August
    It was published in inflight magazine of DELTA "SKY"
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  • ■2015/6/5

    AGARU SERUM was published in S-cawaii.
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  • ■2015/5/23

    AGARU SERUM was published in VoCE.
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  • ■2015/5/23

    From May 23 (Sat), in the nation of BARNYS NEW YORK, the sales of AGARU SERUM has started.
  • ■2015/5/3

    AGARU SERUM was introduced in U.S. PLAYBOY official Facebook page.
  • ■2015/4/15

    AGARU SERUM was published in anan NEWS.
  • ■2015/4/10

    AGARU SERUM was introduced in U.S. PlayboyEnterprises.com.
  • ■2015/4/9

    AGARU SERUM was published in WWD Beauty.
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  • ■2015/4/3

    AGARU SERUM was published in Yahoo News.
  • ■2015/4/2

    We performed product presentation & raunch party "PLAYBOY NIGHT" in Ebisu act*square.


Marilyn Monroe, widely celebrated as a timeless American beauty, was featured on Playboy Magazine’s very first issue cover.
Her grace and allure enchanted every man in the world instantly and soon became a legend.
Since then, becoming a Playboy Playmate has been every woman’s dream.

The Playboy brand encapsulates the true beauty of women.
As a leader in fashion, Playboy continues to partner with influential brands and international icons, exemplified by the 60th Anniversary cover featuring supermodel Kate Moss.
As beauty has always been an inherent part of Playboy, a revolutionary anti-aging serum is a natural extension of the brand.

Playboy is the embodiment of beautiful women.
The flawless body shape is what we call the ultimate form.

Agaru Serum is a product that brings to life Playboy’s adoration of the beautiful body shape.

As we get older, the suppleness and elasticity in our face diminishes.
Agaru Serum returns your skin to the youthfulness we all desire by restoring it to its original and natural beauty.
It’s ageless, genderless, borderless, and timeless, and the only serum with FORM CONTROL.

Apply to clean skin.
The compounded minerals turn into ions and smooth the flow of lymph and blood.
In addition, seven kinds of beauty ingredients are compounded to tighten
your skin and enhance your jawline while minimizing the lines around your eyes and mouth.

Once applied, you will notice an immediate effect that lasts throughout the night.
By adding Agaru Serum to your morning and nighttime beauty routine,
your skin will be invigorated and restored to its original radiance.


The secrets to the surprising
lifting effects are the uniquely
prescribed natural minerals used,
what we call S-T.Olle.

“S-T.Olle” is an ingredient unique to Agaru Serum
and combined with seven main beauty ingredients
that produces negative ion 220 times more than tourmaline.


Every woman’s desire is to stay youthful and vibrant.

This serum embodies the concepts of agelessness,
genderlessness, borderlessness, seasonless,
and timelessness all in one bottle.

Please enjoy the ultimate form of beauty, only made possible by Playboy.